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Tangier Day Trip from Tarifa, Spain

7 Hours

We invite you to unveil the mystery of Tangier by signing up for our best-selling Tangier day trip from Tarifa, Spain. We will be happy to be your Moroccan hosts and commit to sharing our deep-seated heritage and ensuring you are immersed in the local culture.

Join us for an exotic experience by crossing the Strait of Gibraltar to the mysterious city of Tangier. One of our local expert tour guides will meet & greet you upon arrival in the Tangier Ville, or Tangier Med ports before taking you for a memorable experience.

This private & best-selling Tangier day trip from Tarifa is one of the most sought-after Tangier day trips as it clears the ground for meeting the local culture on its terms. Visit the most interesting landmarks including the promontory Cap Spartel, the Neolithic Hercules Caves, the Kasbah & the Medina, the American Legation, and much more.

About this experience

  • Cancel up to 48 hours beforehand for a full refund
  • 7 Hours
  • Tangier Ville Port
  • English, Spanish, French

What to expect

Embark on an unforgettable journey across the Strait of Gibraltar with our Tangier Day Trip from Tarifa. This full-day adventure offers a perfect blend of cultural exploration, historical discovery, and scenic beauty, making it an ideal excursion for those looking to experience the vibrant city of Tangier in Morocco.

Why Choose This Experience:

The Tangier Day Trip from Tarifa offers a seamless and enriching travel experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and history of Tangier. With expert guides, convenient transportation, and a thoughtfully planned itinerary, this day trip is perfect for travelers seeking a quick yet comprehensive introduction to one of Morocco’s most dynamic cities.

Book your Tangier Day Trip from Tarifa today and embark on a journey that promises cultural insights, historical wonders, and lasting memories.


  • Begin your day with a scenic ferry ride from Tarifa, Spain, to Tangier, Morocco.
  • Enjoy stunning views of the Strait of Gibraltar and the meeting point of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Journey to Cap Spartel, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea, and take in the breathtaking coastal views.
  • Enjoy a traditional Moroccan lunch at a local restaurant, savoring the flavors of tagines, couscous, and other delicious dishes.
  • Explore the Dar el Makhzen, the former palace of the sultans, now a museum showcasing Moroccan art and antiquities.
  • Explore the bustling Medina, with its narrow alleyways, vibrant souks, and historic landmarks. Visit the Kasbah, the old fortress with panoramic views of the city and the bay.
  • Discover the Grand Socco, a lively square filled with vendors and cafes, and the Petit Socco, a quaint and historic area known for its charm and atmosphere.
  • After a day filled with exploration and discovery, return to the ferry terminal for your journey back to Tarifa, bringing with you unforgettable memories of Tangier.

Detaild Itinerary

Sightseeing Tour of Tangier

The private & best-selling Tangier day trip from Tarifa, Spain offers an excellent opportunity to learn about the enchanting culture of Morocco. Once you purchase your ferry tickets (we can purchase them for you if you wish), you should board the ferry either at 8 am or 9 am local time (we will communicate the timetable with the final confirmation because it keeps changing).

Upon arrival at the Tangier Ville port, your private tour guide will be at the exit holding a banner with your name on it. You will start with a sightseeing tour around the mysterious city of Tangier with a nice drive through the Ville Nouvelle. This new and modern area was built by the 8 international powers when Morocco was under the French & Spanish Protectorates.

Tangier was an international zone, which is why it attracted celebrities to be their second home including Paul Bowles, William S. Burroughs, Malcolm Forbes, Barbara Hutton, Henri Matisse, and many others. Drive through the Iberia district before continuing on the track uphill across the California area known for its fancy villas and mansions.

We will include a short break in the lush Perdicaris Park before reaching the promontory Cap Spartel where it is believed the Atlantic & the Mediterranean Seas meet. The lighthouse has a rich history behind its construction and offers stunningly panoramic views. We will later drive along the Atlantic Coastline with the option to include a camel ride experience by the sandy beach before getting to the Neolithic Hercules Caves.

This archaeological cave has two openings, one to sea and one to land. The sea opening is known as “the Map of Africa”. Your private guide will unveil the mystery in which it is shrouded.

Kasbah & Medina Guided Walking Tour

Later, we will drive back to the Kasbah district where we will meander around its intricate alleyways while visiting the Kasbah Museum. This Palace was the main residence of the late Sultan Moulay Ismail when he used to visit Tangier. The Museum of the Kasbah exhibits a great selection of handmade crafts that were collected from the region.

Now, it is time to dive deep into the bustling Medina with its vibrant life, scents & aromas. Visit the local bakery, and pass by a Hammam and mosques.

Get through the Petit Socco while visiting the American Legation before taking memorable pictures by the Grand Socco Square. Finally, we will return to the port of Tangier and board a return ferry to Tarifa Port marking the end of our private Tangier day trip from Tarifa.



  • Round-trip ferry tickets
  • Meet and greet at the port of Tangier
  • A private tour guide for exploring Tangier.
  • Private transportation for the sightseeing tour of Tangier.
  • Snacks and drinks at the Cap Spartel
  • Camel ride experience by the sandy beach of the Atlantic
  • Lunch in a Moroccan restaurant
  • Unique experiences
  • Local taxes

Not Included

  • Admission fees to sites and places of attraction
  • Tips (optional)
  • Extras

Tour Map


Do I need a visa for the Tangier day trip from Tarifa?

If you hold a valid passport from an eligible country (list of countries whose citizens are exempted from entry visa into Morocco), you generally do not need a visa for a day trip to Morocco. However, it’s always advisable to check the visa requirements based on your nationality and consult with the appropriate authorities.

How long is the ferry ride from Tarifa to Tangier?

The ferry ride from Tarifa to Tangier usually takes around one hour, but this may vary depending on the weather conditions and the ferry operator.

Are there any specific health or safety considerations for the Tangier day trip?

It is advisable to have travel insurance that covers medical expenses. Additionally, it is recommended to stay hydrated, protect yourself from the sun, and follow the guidance of your guide regarding safety precautions and local customs.

Will there be a guide accompanying us during the Tangier day trip?

Yes, a knowledgeable local guide will accompany you throughout the day trip, providing valuable insights, answering your questions, and ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Can I purchase souvenirs or local products during the Morocco day trip?

Yes, you will have opportunities to explore local markets and shops where you can purchase souvenirs, traditional crafts, spices, and other local products. Your guide can provide recommendations and assistance in finding reputable establishments.

Know before you go

Passport and Visa Requirements:

  • Please remember to bring your passport for the tour. Additionally, please check if your nationality requires a visa to visit Morocco, as it may be necessary to have one to fully enjoy the tour. These documents are mandatory for participation.
  • It is crucial to verify with your country’s embassy whether your nationality requires a visa for entry into Morocco. If you do not possess the required documentation, you will not be permitted to enter Morocco. (list of countries whose citizens are exempted from entry visa into Morocco)
  • Please note that you need to get your passports stamped by the police once you board the ferry to Tarifa, in doing so, you will save yourself the time of fast exit upon arrival in Tangier.

Ferry Schedule:

  • Ferries from Tarifa to Tangier operate regularly, but it’s important to arrive at the terminal early for check-in and boarding procedures.

Currency and Payment:

  • The local currency in Morocco is the Moroccan Dirham (MAD). It’s advisable to carry some cash for small purchases, though major credit cards are widely accepted in hotels and larger establishments.
  • Currency exchange services are available at the ferry terminal and in Tangier.


  • Arabic and Tamazight are the official languages of Morocco, and French is widely spoken. English is also commonly understood in tourist areas.

Dress Code:

  • Morocco is a predominantly Muslim country, and it’s respectful to dress modestly. Light, breathable clothing is recommended, but avoid wearing revealing attire.
  • Comfortable walking shoes are essential for exploring the Medina and other sites.

Health and Safety:

  • Stay hydrated and use sun protection such as sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats, especially during the summer months.
  • Be aware of your belongings and avoid carrying large amounts of cash or valuables.

Cultural Sensitivity:

  • Respect local customs and traditions. Always ask for permission before taking photographs of people.
  • Bargaining is common in markets and souks, so don’t hesitate to negotiate prices.

Food and Water:

  • Tap water is not recommended for drinking. Stick to bottled water, which is widely available.
  • Enjoy local cuisine but be cautious with street food if you have a sensitive stomach.

Electrical Outlets:

  • Morocco uses Type C and E electrical outlets. Make sure to bring an appropriate adapter if your devices have different plug types.

Time Zone:

  • Morocco operates on Western European Time (WET) or Western European Summer Time (WEST) during daylight saving time. Ensure you adjust your watch accordingly.

Local Etiquette:

  • Greetings are important in Moroccan culture. A simple “Salam” (hello) or “Bonjour” (good day) is appreciated.
  • Tipping is customary in restaurants, cafes, and for tour guides. A 10-15% tip is generally sufficient.

Emergency Contacts:

  • Know the local emergency numbers: 19 for police and 15 for medical emergencies.


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