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Tangier Food Tour with Lunch Included

3 Hours

Embark on a delectable Tangier food tour, a gastronomic adventure that immerses you in the city’s rich culinary heritage. With convenient timing at 11 am, the food-tasting tour of Tangier Medina promises an unforgettable journey through Tangier’s authentic flavors and culture.

Meeting at the vibrant Sour Meegazine, our knowledgeable local food guide will lead you through hidden alleys and bustling markets, introducing you to a delightful selection of food and drink tastings. Savor mouthwatering dishes like traditional Bessara, which is a flavorful soup made from dried fava beans, herbs, and spices. Aromatic fish tagines, and unique local delicacies.

About this activity

  • Cancel up to 48 hours in advance for a full refund
  • 3 Hours

What to Expect

Embark on a culinary adventure through the vibrant streets of Tangier, where rich flavors and tantalizing aromas await at every corner. The Tangier Food Tour offers a delectable journey into the heart of Moroccan cuisine, providing an immersive experience that delights the senses and deepens your understanding of the local food culture.

Whether you’re a food enthusiast or a culture lover, our Tangier food tour promises to be a feast for your senses. Join us for a taste-filled exploration of Tangier’s culinary treasures, where every bite tells a story. Book your spot now and let your taste buds and curiosity lead the way!

  • We adapt the tour for vegetarians; please advise us when booking to ensure a delightful culinary journey that suits your preferences.


  • Guided Food Tastings
  • Explore the mysterious streets of the Tangier Medina.
  • More than 6 local stop tastings
  • Savor an array of mouthwatering flavors, from aromatic tagines and traditional couscous to the unique and delicious Bessara soup.
  • Engage with friendly locals and embrace the bustling ambiance, creating an authentic and memorable dining experience.


Welcome to our enchanting Tangier food tour, where flavors and culture blend in a delightful gastronomic journey! This immersive experience begins at the lively meeting point, Sour Meegazine, a bustling location that sets the stage for an exciting adventure.

With an expert local guide by your side, get ready to embark on a culinary exploration through Tangier’s vibrant food scene. We’ve handpicked a diverse array of tastings, showcasing the city’s most authentic and beloved dishes.

The tour’s highlight is the opportunity to sample traditional Moroccan tagines, each infused with a unique blend of aromatic spices, transporting your taste buds to a world of rich flavors. Indulge in the classic couscous, meticulously prepared with a medley of vegetables, meat, or legumes, offering a taste of Morocco’s culinary legacy.

But that’s not all – our tour features a standout dish, the renowned Bessara soup. Savor the creamy texture and savor the earthy flavor of dried fava beans, expertly combined with garlic, cumin, and other tantalizing spices.

As we wind through the city’s hidden alleys and vibrant markets, you’ll have the chance to interact with friendly locals and witness the bustling atmosphere that is quintessentially Tangier.

But it’s not just about the food – our expert guide will share captivating stories about each dish’s cultural significance and its place in Tangier’s history. This cultural immersion adds depth to your culinary experience, connecting you with the heart and soul of the city.

Throughout the tour, we’ll take you to picture-perfect spots, perfect for capturing memories and sharing the experience with your loved ones. And if you have any dietary preferences or restrictions, fret not! We’re dedicated to providing a personalized experience, ensuring everyone can delight in this delectable journey.

This Tangier food tour promises to be an unforgettable fusion of flavors, aromas, and cultural insights. As you relish each bite, you’ll create cherished memories that will stay with you long after the tour ends. Join us, and let your senses and curiosity lead the way on this extraordinary culinary adventure. Book now, and get ready for a taste-filled exploration of Tangier’s culinary treasures!



  • Private local foodie tour guide.
  • More than 6 food tasting stops.
  • Vegetarian options available.
  • Unique experiences


  • Entrance to attractions
  • Tips (optional)
  • Extras

Meeting point


What types of food will we be tasting on the tour?

The Tangier Food Tour includes a variety of Moroccan dishes such as tagines, couscous, traditional pastries, and mint tea. You’ll also have the opportunity to sample street food and visit local markets.

How long does the Tangier Food Tour last?

The tour typically lasts around 3 to 4 hours. This gives you ample time to explore different parts of the city, enjoy the tastings, and soak in the cultural experiences.

Is the tour suitable for vegetarians or those with dietary restrictions?

Yes, we can accommodate vegetarians and some dietary restrictions. Please inform us in advance about any specific dietary needs so we can tailor the tour accordingly.

What is the group size for the Tangier Food Tour?

To ensure a personalized experience, our group sizes are kept small, usually ranging from 2 to 10 participants.

Do I need to bring anything specific for the tour?

Wear comfortable walking shoes and weather-appropriate clothing. Bring a reusable water bottle, a camera or smartphone, some cash, and an appetite for delicious food!

Are children allowed on the tour?

Yes, children are welcome on the Tangier Food Tour. However, please note that the tour involves walking and may include visits to crowded markets, which may not be suitable for very young children.

How much walking is involved in the tour?

The tour involves a moderate amount of walking, with frequent stops for food tastings and cultural insights. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes.

Is tipping expected?

Tipping is not required but is appreciated if you enjoyed the tour and the services of your guide. It is a great way to show your appreciation for their hard work.

What if it rains?

The Tangier Food Tour operates rain or shine. Please dress appropriately for the weather. In the case of severe weather, we will inform you of any changes or cancellations.

Cancellation Rules

Free! Free cancellations up to 48 hours before the activity starts. If you cancel at this time or do not show up, you will not be refunded.

What to Bring for the Tangier Food Tour?

  1. Comfortable Walking Shoes:
    • You’ll be exploring various parts of the city on foot, so comfortable shoes are a must.
  2. Weather-Appropriate Clothing:
    • Check the weather forecast and dress accordingly. Bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen for sunny days, or a light jacket and umbrella if rain is expected.
  3. Reusable Water Bottle:
    • Stay hydrated throughout the tour by bringing a reusable water bottle.
  4. Camera or Smartphone:
    • Capture the vibrant scenes, beautiful dishes, and memorable moments. Ensure your device is fully charged.
  5. Small Backpack or Bag:
    • Carry essentials like a wallet, phone, water bottle, and any purchases you might make.
  6. Cash:
    • While your food tastings are covered, having some local currency (Moroccan dirhams) can be useful for small purchases or tips.
  7. Notebook and Pen:
    • If you’re interested in jotting down recipes, ingredients, or tips from your guide.
  8. Personal Hand Sanitizer:
    • Although hygiene is prioritized, having your sanitizer can be handy.
  9. Travel Guidebook or Map:
    • This is for additional context and to help you explore Tangier more after the tour.
  10. Appetite:
    • Be ready to sample various delicious Moroccan dishes, so it’s a good idea to come with an appetite!

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