7 Best Things to See in Tangier for Instagrammers

things to see in Tangier

Hey wanderers! Ready for a stroll through Tangier’s wonders? In our guide, ‘7 Best Instagram Spots and Things to See in Tangier,’ we spill the beans on the city’s gems. From ancient tales to offbeat finds, join us as we unwrap the coolest things to see in Tangier. Get your cameras ready for a journey blending culture, history, and Insta-worthy moments. Let’s dive into the soul of Tangier – adventure awaits!

Things to See in Tangier and Top 7 Instagram Spots

Tangier has rightfully earned its title as the Bride of the North. The city’s storied history, breathtaking views, and cultural richness make it a destination of choice for photography enthusiasts and Instagrammers alike. 

From sweeping panoramas of the Mediterranean Sea to labyrinthine alleys steeped in centuries-old tales, here are our top 7 picks for the best Instagram spots and things to see in Tangier.

1 – The Museum of Moroccan Art – Dar el Makhzen 

Dar El Makhzen in Tangier is a regal structure that dates back to the 17th century. Nestling at the top of the Medina in Tangier, the palace was transformed into a museum that houses a unique collection of artworks from across the country.

Every corner of Dar El Makhzen exudes the essence of Moroccan artistry, with intricate mosaics adorning its walls and floors. Once inside Dar El Makhzen, visitors are greeted with a courtyard, where a central fountain glistens in the morning light, making for a great Instagram spot.

Situated within the recently renovated former sultan’s palace of Dar El Makhzen, the Kasbah Museum is a testament to Moroccan architectural splendor. 

things to see in tangier

Upon entering the Kasbah, guests are greeted by a breathtaking courtyard, followed by leading to an interior space and a leisurely stroll through the captivating Andalusian garden. Within the museum, notable highlights include the Venus mosaic from Volubilis, an array of statues, and remarkable replica maps.

The first map traces ancient trade routes from Phoenician metal trade to modern 21st-century electronic commerce. The second inverted map, a stunning depiction of the known world, was crafted in Tangier in 1154.

The early morning light gives the palace a mystical glow reminiscent of tales from the Arabian Nights. 

2 – Café Hafa

First debuting in 1921, Café Hafa is arguably the most famous coffee shop in Northern Morocco, and for a good reason. The coffee shop cascades on the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean, offering an unparalleled vantage point.

things to see in tangier

Throughout its history, Café Hafa has been a magnet for Moroccan intellectuals, artists, and photographers, drawn by its inviting atmosphere and the promise of delicious Chamali tea. 

As the sun sets on the horizon, visitors are treated to a spectacle of colors, casting an enchanting glow over the waters below.

3 – Cape Spartel

Cape Spartel is undeniably one of the most spectacular sites to explore not just in Tangier but in Africa’s northwestern region. Its name harks back to one of the first battles of the Spanish Civil War in September 1936.

things to see in Tangier

Today, Cape Spartel enchants visitors with its breathtaking vistas and iconic lighthouse, which gazes out over the meeting point of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. While access inside the lighthouse is restricted, the surrounding reserve offers visitors the opportunity to soak in the stunning scenery.

Be sure to check out the grounds surrounding the lighthouse, and the highly-rated restaurants at the nearby Barceló Tanger hotel.

4 – Grand Socco 

Located in the heart of Tangier, Grand Socco stands as an iconic gateway to the city’s ancient quarter. Consisting of a cobblestone circle, the square stands today as a passageway between the modern city, and its ancient past.

To experience the most panoramic views of Grand Socco and its surroundings, climb the stone steps to the highest point at La Terrasse. There, you can enjoy the view of the bustling square below while enjoying refreshments at a well-known cafe frequented by locals, where the famous Spanish board game, parchís, is often played.

things to see in tangier

Pro tip: Arrive early in the morning to secure the best spot for catching the dreamy views.

5 – Hercules Caves

As you venture near Tangier’s coastline, an enchanting stop awaits – Hercules Caves. With ties to ancient myths and a setting that blends nature’s grandeur, this destination promises a journey personalized just for you.

As you enter the cave’s embrace, a cool breeze greets you, carrying whispers of Hercules’ fabled respite during his Twelve Labors. The interiors unfold, revealing chambers and openings that seem to echo tales spanning centuries.

Move deeper into the labyrinth, and you’ll find yourself bathed in a soft glow. Natural skylights create a dance of light and shadow, inviting you to explore a world where history and the present intertwine seamlessly.

Positioned on the Atlantic coast, Hercules Caves offer panoramic views of the ocean. The rhythmic waves become your soundtrack as you witness massive rock formations, each telling a story etched by nature. For you, the avid photographer or casual wanderer, Hercules Caves unveil a visual feast. Capture the interplay of light, textured rocks, and sweeping sea views – each frame a personalized narrative waiting to be shared.

Accessible by a short drive from Tangier, Hercules Caves cater to adventurers of all kinds. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, nature lover, or someone seeking a scenic escape, this destination adapts to your unique interests.

As you embark on this journey, wear comfortable shoes for the rocky terrain, and don’t forget to bring your camera. The beauty of Hercules Caves is not just to be witnessed; it’s a personalized adventure waiting for your lens to capture and share its magic.

6 – The American Legation Museum

The American Legation Museum marks the first American-owned property outside the United States. This historic structure embodies a fascinating fusion of American and Moroccan architectural styles, providing ample opportunities for Instagram-worthy captures.

Consisting of a five-storey mansion, the museum holds a diverse array of magnificent artifacts, including a Moroccan Stars and Stripes carpet and an 1839 letter penned by a bemused U.S. consul who had received two lions as a diplomatic gift.

things to see in tangier

The museum boasts an impressive collection of paintings that offer glimpses into Tangier’s rich history as seen through the eyes of its artists. Don’t miss the chance to capture a memorable photograph alongside these extraordinary works of art.

7 – Merkala Beach

The Merkala Beach is one the most popular beaches along the strait coast. The small beach is renowned for its golden sand and crystalline blue waters.

Often referred to as the Cove of the Jews, this quaint beach nestles between mountains to the west of Tangier. 

The beach is an ideal spot for those seeking a serene getaway within proximity to the city.

Be sure to venture beyond the shoreline to discover some of the finest Instagram-worthy spots in Northern Africa.

things to see in tangier

The Bride of the North has much to offer visitors, from the bustling medina to the tranquil beaches, and the vibrant art scene. To make the most out of your stay in Tangier, be sure to check our Tangier Ferry Guide. 

Ready to breathe life into your Tangier adventure? From the mythical depths of Hercules Caves to the vibrant streets and captivating landmarks, you’ve explored the best Instagram spots and things to see in Tangier.

As you wrap up this visual journey, remember, that each snapshot carries a piece of the city’s soul. So, wander on, share your tales, and let Tangier’s magic linger in every frame. Your story with Tangier has only just begun – where will your next exploration take you?

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the must-visit Instagram spots in Tangier?

    Tangier boasts iconic spots like Hercules Caves, the vibrant Kasbah, and the Grand Socco Square – perfect for capturing unique and memorable Instagram moments.

  2. How far is Hercules Caves from Tangier, and is it easily accessible?

    Hercules Caves are around 15 kilometers from Tangier, easily reachable by a short drive. Accessible for all, it’s a must-see for both history buffs and nature enthusiasts.

  3. Are there any hidden gems or offbeat places to explore in Tangier?

    Absolutely! Dive into the lesser-known gems like Petit Socco, where local life unfolds, or the American Legation – a historical treasure trove often overlooked by many visitors.

  4. Can you recommend family-friendly attractions in Tangier?

    Families will enjoy the Tangier American School Gardens, a serene oasis, and the Mendoubia Gardens, offering a tranquil retreat for both adults and kids.

  5. What’s the best time to visit Tangier for optimal photography conditions?

    The golden hours around sunrise and sunset present Tangier in its most enchanting light. Early mornings and late afternoons offer ideal conditions for capturing stunning visuals.

  6. Are there cultural experiences to embrace beyond the Instagram spots?

    Indeed! Immerse yourself in local culture at the Tangier Kasbah Museum, Dar el Makhzen, or by savoring authentic cuisine in the bustling markets – a feast for both eyes and taste buds.

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