Your Guide to Avoiding Scams in Morocco: 5 Tips for First-Time Tourists

Guide to Avoiding Scams in Morocco

Picture this: You’re in Morocco, surrounded by the lively rhythms of the souks and the intoxicating scent of spices. But in this vibrant tapestry, a savvy explorer like yourself knows that a few tricks might be lurking in the shadows. Fear not! Our blog post “Your Guide to Avoiding Scams in Morocco: 5 Tips for First-Time Tourists” is here to spill the beans on five tips that’ll make you the unsung hero of your Moroccan escapade.

Welcome to Morocco: 5 Tips to Avoid Scams in Morocco!

Whether it’s luxury or budget travel you’re looking for, Morocco should be on your bucket list of destinations. The country’s vibrant culture and stunning landscapes offer everything from snow-covered Mountain Ranges to magnificent deserts and two coastal lines.

Guide to Avoiding Scams in Morocco

However, like other destinations, Morocco has its share of pitfalls. Below we’ve compiled a list of five essential tips to help you navigate and avoid the most common types of scams.

1 – Book Accommodations in Advance: 

Overcharging tourists for hotel services is one of the most common types of scams. Hence, always make sure to book a hotel before landing in the country. Platforms such as and Airbnb are invaluable in Morocco when looking for accommodations. 

Guide to Avoiding Scams in Morocco

Beyond avoiding scams, booking accommodation online will also give you the chance to compare prices and get the best deal, especially during peak season.

2 – Keep Watch on the Fare Meter:

Tourists regularly complain about the outrageous taxi fares, especially in big cities such as Casablanca and Marrakech

To sidestep this common scam, always carry change, and keep a vigilant eye on the fare meter inside the cab, if you notice that the meter isn’t running, politely ask the taxi driver to activate it. That being said, you should know that some small cities such as Ifrane have a fixed price of 10 Moroccan dirhams ($1).

Otherwise, consider using hailing applications such as Careem and InDrive as they offer you competitive fares for the same distance.

3 – Negotiate Prices in Local Markets:

Many tourists have fallen victim to overpriced souvenirs or traditional items while shopping in local markets. To avoid falling for this scam, keep in mind that you not only can negotiate prices, but you should do so at all times.

Guide to Avoiding Scams in Morocco

A useful rule of thumb is to always bargain firmly. In addition, if you have friends or contacts in Morocco, it’s useful to ask them about prices in advance to avoid overpaying for goods.

4 – Always Ask for Menus at Restaurants

Many travelers share cautionary tales on platforms like Reddit about receiving unexpectedly high bills from ordinary restaurants. So, unless you are opting for street food, always ask for the menu, if they say they don’t have one, ask for the price upfront.

Guide to Avoiding Scams in Morocco

It’s also useful to do your research in advance to find out the price range for food in each city before you travel.

5 – Beware of Fake Guides 

Popular tourist destinations such as Marrakech and Fes are full of fake guides who might randomly approach you to offer their services. While some of these individuals might be legitimate, others are looking to scam tourists by overcharging them or often taking them on tours to shops where they receive commissions for bringing customers.

Guide to Avoiding Scams in Morocco

Be sure to always seek the services of reputable licensed professionals that you can find online or through listed businesses.

Following these tips would help you remain vigilant while you enjoy the many attractions a country like Morocco has to offer.

If you want to get to know more about Morocco ahead of your trip, check out our other articles on all the amazing places you should visit!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Are scams common in Morocco for tourists?

    While Morocco is generally safe, tourists may encounter scams. Our guide provides insights to help you stay vigilant and enjoy a secure visit.

  2. What are the common scams in Moroccan markets?

    Market scams may include overcharging, fake guides, and aggressive sellers. Our guide offers tips to navigate markets and avoid falling victim to such tactics.

  3. How can I avoid being overcharged in Moroccan souks?

    Bargain respectfully, research prices, and set a budget. Employ negotiation techniques to ensure fair deals while shopping in souks.

  4. How can I distinguish between genuine and fake tour guides?

    Yes, tourist areas may attract scams like fake guides or unofficial helpers. Stay informed about these tactics to make wise choices.

  5. Are there cultural nuances that tourists should be aware of?

    Yes, understanding local customs helps avoid misunderstandings. Be aware of cultural nuances for respectful interactions and to minimize the risk of scams.

  6. How can I protect my belongings from pickpockets?

    Stay vigilant in crowded areas, use anti-theft accessories, and secure valuables. Follow practical tips to safeguard your belongings during your travels.

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